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'Having Vaida join us for the day was a great experience. We are a busy family and don’t often get chance to reflect on ourselves as a family and seeing all the photographs and video made us realise that life is so hectic and sometimes you do need to slow down and appreciate the moments. Vaida made us all feel relaxed and whilst at first we were conscious of a camera around, soon went on with having fun and almost forgot Vaida was there. Looking back at the photographs now is really special and something we will treasure for a long time. It also great to share with friends and especially family overseas. Thank you for a wonferful experience and helping us create lasting memories.'


'Getting your picture taken can be an intimating experience, but not with Vaida. Her warm style made me feel comfortable and I liked her approach to take my photograph how I was, in a natural way. She has an excellent eye to spot the right locations and backgrounds and she is also very patient. As a result, I find her pictures beautiful and in my case, they conveyed exactly what I wanted to. I will use them a lot and for many years I think, because they are very special to me and I am proud to have such high quality pictures to show, taken by a talented photographer.'


                                                                                         Amandine Kirion

'Today, when I look at the pictures taken by Vaida, I am overwhelmed by gratitude for her sharp eye and steady hand. With incredible ease she captures the essence and atmosphere of that memorable day. Our photoshoot was fun-filled and relaxed. She is a great company and pleasure to work with - full of bright ideas, practical advice and radiating passion for photography.I am very happy with the results of Vaida's efforts and highly recommend her professional services to those who are looking to freeze their special occasions in time.'


'I really appreciated that Vaida took in stride the fact that I wasn't entirely sure I knew what I wanted and helped me to find it as we worked through the process.  The advance info about how to pick out clothes and poses as well as the walk through helped keep me relaxed by letting me know what to expect.  Vaida's communication throughout was professional, friendly and informative, helping to set me at ease throughout the process.

The casual, relaxed yet professional way Vaida worked through the various poses was fantastic and helped keep me smiling and relaxed.  I admired Vaida's flexibility and ability to find different ways to approach the picture. The short breaks while changing location or adjusting lights were also helpful to me by allowing for a short rest.
I love the final pictures.  I now have a selection of very appropriate images for all my social media and professional profile needs.  Providing them in various sizes was a very welcome touch. 

Overall, I had a fantastic experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vaida to a friend!


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