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Now I Am Good is a literary photojournalism project based on a testimony by Ritha, a human trafficking victim, composed during a series of poetry therapy sessions. Nourished by the power of words herself, Ritha wished for her words to make a difference in other people’s lives too. Hereby, Ritha asked her poetry therapist to share her text in order to raise awareness of human trafficking. Moved by Ritha’s story, I aspired to tell it through a distinct language of photography. My quest for finding a visual expression started with an idea to trace Ritha’s footsteps at the locations mentioned in her confession. However, the terrestrial plane proved to be unseemly pointing me towards the sky under which Ritha’s story occured around the same time three years ago. Dramatic, fragile and soulful clouds rang true to Ritha’s experience and from the first photograph made, there seemed to be a naturally flowing coversation between Ritha’s text, clouds and I. 

You can view the project here.

NIAG short jpg17.jpg
NIAG short jpg13.jpg
NIAG short jpg53.jpg
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