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Intimate Terrorism is a literary journalism multimedia project exploring domestic abuse against women with an emphasis on its emotional, verbal, and psychological aspects. The project is based on a testimony by J., a British woman, who spent 17 years in two consecutive and emotionally destructive relationships. J. joined the project to help raise awareness about domestic abuse and encourage other abused women to seek help. 

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 3 women worldwide and is reported to be one of the leading causes of death in females. Non physical abuse, due to its subtle, evasive, and insidious nature, is least recognised and reported. It leaves the victims with lingering emotional scars and long term effects on their overall wellbeing. Recovery can be slow often with residual damage.

The strength and standout quality of Intimate Terrorism is rooted in J.’s powerful narrative, poems, written by J. during difficult times and recorded in her own voice, when combined with my translation into a metaphoric visual language. J. exposes non physical abuse for what it is - a crime against humanity. While the abstract images and video footage of water - J.’s chosen healing element that embraced her during the difficult times - takes the viewer to, perhaps, a better understanding of how our inherent connection to the natural world can heal, nurture and restore what human nature often destroys.

To view the project, please, click here.

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