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Short Narrative Film, Running Time 17min

Black Shore Productions Inc.

Canada, 2022

Director: Vaida Nairn

Writers: Daniel Griffin, Vaida Nairn

Producer: Mike Hickey

DOP: Duncan de Young

Editor: Justin Simms

Composer: Steve Maloney


When the world locks down during the COVID-19 pandemic, a former dancer becomes further trapped in a toxic relationship with her emotionally abusive husband. Increasingly isolated and with only a goldfish as a friend, she is forced to choose between placating her husband and freeing herself. 

The Golden League.jpg

The Golden League

Documentary Film Series, Running Time 65min, 6 Episodes

Black Shore Productions Inc.

Canada, 2022-2023

Director & Producer: Vaida Nairn

Writers: Vaida Nairn, Michele Stamp

DOP: Rodrigo Iñiguez Becerril 

Editor: Justin Simms

Composer: Steve Maloney

Every winter in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a group of women, largely new to the sport and ranging in age from late teens to seventies, meet once a week to play recreational ice hockey, learn new skills and forge friendships. With their passion for the game, daring nature, and good sense of humour these women prove that age is merely a number, and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the right support.

The Gaze_Poster_SJIWFF & FIN.jpeg

The Gaze

Documentary Film, Running Time 9min

Canada, 2023

Director: Stacy Gardner

Writers: Stacy Gardner, Vaida Nairn

Producers: Stacy Gardner, Vaida Nairn

DOP: Duncan de Young

Editor: Justin Simms

Composer: Ian Foster

Through the eyes of a South Korean artist living in Newfoundland, Canada, Ginok Song, takes us on a journey through her paintings, and the wisdom gained through the female gaze.

© Copyright 2018 Vaida Nairn. All Rights Reserved.
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